To provide a space that is loaded with a vast amount of FREE internet resources.


To open up the space to like-minded individuals: creators, developers, curious types and anybody that wants to explore all the FREE tools and resources the vast web has to offer.

One future goal is to develop a community or user portal where anybody can share a resource, tool or information on a specific topic.

Example of how everybody could utilize this site:

Owned content: For example, if you are a curator of content, you will be able to submit your list along with a short (100 – 400 characters) description with an optional featured image or screenshot.

Link Sharing: Anybody that comes across a unique lists or single tool that they love, it would be idea for them to share that link with the community.

Future Features:

  1. The ability to upvote and downvote certain lists or collections.
  2. The ability to save certain links or collections to your profile to come back and visit later.

These features, along with others, would help keep the resources, links and collections updated and true to the subject. For instance, if a link is down, moved or no long is available for free, we’d ask that you either down vote or possible click on a third option that would inform us to either redirect that link or remove it from our site.


If anybody and I mean anybody, has any ideas on how to better set up this site in the direction I had mentioned above – or a new direction – please contact me and let’s discuss design, coding, features, what you’d like to see, etc.